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Timber Frame Eco Structures

This Technical Information section explains:-

  • what timber frame is and why it delivers the best form of Eco Structure
  • how timber frame compares with other forms of construction,
  • why timber frame is the pre-eminent environmentally sustainable building method
  • timber frame’s ‘Green’ credentials and low embodied energy
  • why timber frame delivers the best thermal insulation
  • why timber frame delivers lower energy building costs
  • how using timber frame reduces CO2 in the atmosphere
  • … and much more besides.

Each of the hyperlinked pages below gives you the opportunity to ask any questions you might have about timber frame construction.

Timber Frame –v- ‘Conventional’ Building

            What is Conventional Building?

                        External Walls
                        Structural Support & Integrity
                        Fire Performance of Timber Frame
                        Other Timber Frame Elements
                        Durability of Timber Structures
                        Timber Frame Extra

            Summary TF –v- Conventional


Timber Frame – Interesting Facts

Advantages of Timber Frame

– covering Fire Performance, Acoustics, Thermal Flexibility, Durability, Height, etc.


Comparative Timber Frame Build Costs

            Preliminaries in Timber Frame Construction

            Possible Timber Frame Savings

            Timber Frame Cost Influencers

            Timber Frame ‘Turnkey’ Costs

            Summary of Cost Comparisons


Comparative Timber Frame Build Time

            Timber Frame Shell

            Subsequent Time Savings

            Summary of Time Savings


Timber Frame Extensions

            Time for Timber Frame Extensions

            Performance of Timber Frame

            Designing a Timber Frame Extension

            Summary of Conventional –v- Timber Frame Extensions

How to Build Timber Frame Eco Strucutures

You will also find an outline of the Timber Frame Building Process, from Survey and Setting out, through Method Statements and H&S Issues, to Shell Erection and Sequential Finish. There is even an outline of some of the Standard Timber Frame Details used. 

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