Engineered Components

Now, just like the most advanced EU builders, you too can benefit from improved building systems, off-site production, and modern methods of construction.

Wet ˜DryBuilding Components
There is no need to be tied to old fashioned wet trade bricks, blocks, mortar, and concrete unless you have very good reasons for being prepared to put up with inclement weather delays, frost damage, efflorescence, and high on site waste. If you would like to minimise drying out, shrinkage cracks, settlement, costly early maintenance and so on, and maximise the benefits of lighter weight, dry construction like lower cost foundations, early decoration, and draft elimination, here is a good place to start.

Factory Built Precision Components
Our Advanced Timber Technology (ATT) factory-manufactured timber and compatible components will save you time, money, effort and frustration. They will also help you overcome on-site skills shortages, deliver better quality, more accurate structures, and make controlling your building process much easier and more cost effective.

Roofs, Floors, Walls and Finishing Components
Besides engineered roofs and trusses, a variety of joist systems ultra-joist, metal web, beam - floor cassettes, roof cassettes, sarking, decking, curved pitch roofs and, of course, several different types of wall panel, you can choose from spandrel panels, pre-hung door sets, self assemble stairs, pre-cut mouldings, fascia and soffit combinations and much more besides.

Alternative Building Component Designs
If you are still designing your building, we can help you consider which building system would best suit your building site, ideas, and budget. Choose from simple open cell panels, factory insulated closed cell walls, clip together post and beam, or traditional green oak systems. Like SIP's (Structural Insulated Panels), loft conversion systems and freeform glulam structures, we design and manufacture them all, giving you the ability to select just what components are right for you.

Lightweight Components
Selecting the right compatible components is always difficult, but our pre-selected, tried and tested range of alternative roof coverings, timber, tile, slate and brick-slip wall claddings, internal wall linings, windows, floorings, and much more besides, can help you.

Off-Site Advances & Advantages
Remember, you don't have to build in timber frame to be able to take advantage of some of the improved technology and methods in building construction that full off-site timber-frame manufacturing has produced.

Expert Component Advice
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