PreFab Homes

Modern Prefab Homes - Homes 2 Go

Uniquely designed to provide a comfortable living space for key workers, student halls, residential lettings, leisure buildings and much more. These eco friendly, volumetric homes are an ideal solution for all manner of building needs.

The Homes 2 Go prefabricated homes are delivered to your site, arrive fully fitted and simply ‘click together’ ready to be plugged in to a pre-installed grid and are virtually ready for you to move in to immediately.


Affordable Living Space – Prefab Homes

Our prefab homes come in three sizes, 18 square metres or 30 square metres for a single bedroom unit or 90 square meters for a 2-bedroom prefab apartment. However the flexible design of our ‘Homes 2 Go’ allows for the connection of multiple units creating a much larger living space if required. It is this flexible design that makes the Homes 2 Go prefab buildings so much more versatile than any other prefab homes currently available.

With no hidden costs the price online is what you pay for the prefab unit fully delivered and ready 2 go.

Temporary or Permanent Housing? Could be both with ‘Homes 2 Go’

Designed to provide a comfortable living space at an affordable price these prefab homes are lightweight, durable and designed to last. As well as this our prefabricated houses are easily refurbished, can be taken down and moved with ease, meaning they literally are ‘Homes 2 Go’ making them a truly flexible solution to the affordable homes crisis or an easy and quick way maximise rental potential on your vacant land.

Quick Key Worker Homes

Housing for key workers has to be a focus for all government departments. The Homes 2 Go prefab home kits provide an easy solution to an age-old problem. Designed to fit together quickly and easily Homes 2 Go are mounted on concrete pad foundations and can be ‘stacked’ up to three floors high providing affordable homes for Key Workers quickly easily and cost effectively.

Instant Student Halls.

The simplicity of these prefab home units makes them incredibly versatile and can be used in many cases where communal living is necessary. They are thermally and acoustically insulated making them the ideal solution for student accommodation and halls of residence. For the more adventurous they come in a variety of colours adding a sense of fun and style to your site.

Prefab Holiday Apartments and much more.

Due to the lightweight construction materials ‘Homes 2 Go’ is ideal for holiday locations where the ground is a little softer or sandy. In fact this feature allows the Homes to Go system to be placed virtually any where from beaches to roofs of existing buildings or raised platforms to allow for residential parking.

Homes 2 Go is the truly affordable living space, quick to build, ready to move in to, flexible, transportable and built to last.

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