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House Building Cost Ready Reckoner

- Your "Instant House Price Affordability Check"

There is no such thing as a standard 'price per square ft, or 'price per square metre'. BEWARE of anyone who says there is.
Building Costs vary with size, shape, complexity, location, type of building, building method, specification - and more!
However, with just a few simple clicks, this 'ready reckoner' will give you a good idea of how much your ideas will cost you to build.
Don't take our word for it. Try a few variables and CHECK OUT how you might design the best value for money.
Then, when you're sure the house you want is 'affordable' , send us your sketches or plans for a more detailed, FREE estimate.

Hover over the symbols for an explanation of how each section affects your buld costs.

House Type
House Style
  Basement Ground First Floor 2nd Floor 3rd Floor  
Floor Area (m2)  
Type of Builder
Building Land
Ground Type
Nbr Identical Units
Plan Shape
Roof Shape
Roof Covering
Roof Pitch (Angle)
Wall & Panel Type
Window & Door Type
  External Internal Glazed Bifold Single Garage Double Garage  
Number of Doors  
  Single Double Treble Quadruple Patio / French  
Number of Windows  
  Single Double Treble Quadruple Roof Lights  
Dormers & Roof Lights  
Project Management
Start Months    
  Basic Timber Frame Kit  
  This is your indicative Timber Frame Kit price.
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