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Timber Frame Products

The Tried and Tested method of Construction for Centuries!. The oldest timber frame structures still in use today are the 7th Century Golden Hall and the Myanmar Pagoda (circa AD 739).

Timber Frame Japanese Temple

7th Century Timber-Frame Yumendo Hall, Japan

These were built over One Thousand Four Hundred years ago...more closer to home, the oldest example of a timber framed building in the UK (which is still in use) is an 11th/12th Century Stave Church at Greenstead in Essex.

Throughout the British Isles you can find many ancient market towns built predominantly of timber frame. Ludlow and Shrewsbury are just two 15th Century examples - 600 years old and still going strong!

In fact, out of all the buildings in Britain that have survived from pre-reformation times, 90% are timber framed.

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