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House Plans

Drawing up your House Plan is one of the most important stages of your build. For most people the exterior and interior finishes and the dream of what the end product will look like often clouds their judgement.

The important thing to remember when creating your house plan is the functionality of each room. Planning your home needs careful consideration.

House Plans – Designing Your Timber Frame Home.

Before you start drawing up your house plans think about how each room will be used. For example if you plan to have a home office or study in your house you probably don’t want to position it next to the children’s bedroom.

Likewise, when you consider your plan think about the interaction between rooms, you will be surprised at how may people plan to have their dining room on the opposite side of their house to the kitchen.

The Benfield ATT Group is here to help you make the most of your new timber frame home.

For help designing your house plans visit our sister company timbertecs.

For help designing your House Plans please visit our Design Company TimberTecs by clicking here