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With commuting in major cities taking 3 or more hours a day, working at home can save teleworkers the equivalent of 2 working days a week. That adds up to less stress, more time to think, improved output, greater accuracy, fewer motoring miles, reduced danger and risk of accidents, lower costs and more. And all while finding more time to improve your own quality of life.

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Home Office Options for the Garden

Terrace Kit sold seperately

Home Based Tele-workers Save All Round


Modular Self Build Office Kits

Whether you are a rural home worker, or live in an urban area, the advent of widespread Broadband availability and Government incentives to promote working from home has raised the bar for flexible home-office facilities. Gone are the days when squeezing a desk under the stairs, or into the corner of a room, provided sufficient extra space for a home office. Today's business environment demands separate, dedicated space for state of the art IT, fast communications, efficient storage, uncluttered operations, and space for visitors. Working from home no longer means working around the kids, between chores, and suffering constant interruptions.


Teleworking Offices are Important

Indeed, todays focussed tele-workers know that quiet concentration is necessary to make flexi-working away from centralised offices successful. And they understand how important it is to them personally to achieve this. Working from home is about more than avoiding traffic jams and horrendous journeys to work. It's about really creating more quality time for themselves, their families and friends, as well as delivering improved efficiency and effectiveness for their employers.


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Self Build Office Kits Promote Sustainability

It's also about saving the planet, an important driver behind the UK Government's commitment to help and promote telecommuting. Reducing road congestion, cutting down on journeys to work, and encouraging wider application of advanced technology adds greatly to our global triple bottom line. Saving fuel, wear, tear and maintenance of vehicles and roads delivers real economic advantage. Lowering carbon dioxide, the chief greenhouse gas - and other noxious emissions creates a cleaner, safer world. In turn this helps improve individual respiratory health (e.g. reduced asthma attacks), as well as improving life quality in numerous ways.

Home-Office / Garden Office Professionals

Addressing these needs, Benfield ATT's Home-Run Office Suites set new, improved standards in home-office/garden-office work-space facilities for teleworking professionals. If, like them, you prefer to operate effectively and efficiently from yourhome based office, then this range of modular office buildings is the answer to your prayer.


Responding to the needs of sole practitioners, entrepreneurs, small businesses, flexi-time staff, and other tele-working executives and professionals as well as major employers they deliver:-


  • Specialist office accommodation that is simple, fast and economical to erect and occupy
  • Secure, prestige home offices that complement and enhance home and office environments
  • High quality offices that separate home and office space and keep your house as a home
  • Good looking, well lit, highly insulated, and fully equipped permanent extra office space
  • Fully equipped home offices, IT literate home & business office building complexes and field sales offices
  • Personal extendable office buildings to accommodate self employed & small business growth
  • Telecommunications office kits ready for 21st Century office professionals
  • Portable office space that incorporates the best from mobile office buildings
  • Sectional prefabricated office-kits for Small Office Home Office (SOHO) operations
  • Compact, temporary offices as relocatable field offices and small business office premises


The "Home-Run" Office Collection is an exclusive range of high-quality modular self build timber home office kits and home based high security tele-workers DIY garden office buildings. These compact, affordable and portable home & garden-office accommodation units provide personal, flexible, low cost sectional house extensions and affordable, extra heavy-duty garden room work-space for SOHO telecommuters.


Extra Home Office Workspace - the Easy Way!

Extending your house to create office space at the side or rear, remodelling and converting outbuildings, or as a room-in-the-roof loft conversion, will usually need planning permission and building regulation approval. To do this you'll need to get plans drawn up, structural engineering calculated, submissions to the authorities made, materials selected & schedules prepared, and get a building contractor or a number of subcontractors in to carry out the work for you, or under your direction.


It all takes a long time, costs a lot, and is often frustrating. We know we do it all the time!


But our experience is that, if you are thinking about extra office space today, you'll probably want to be using it within a month or so, not in a year or mores time. And you'll need more than a converted summer house, chalet, garden shed, workshop, garden building, or storage hut to provide the strong, heavy duty, robust and securely constructed timber office building that most professionals, sole traders and progressive businesses need.

Your Home / Garden Office in a Day

In contrast, Home-Run Professional Office Suites are designed to help you get on with life now, without the hassle and worry of building conventional house or home extensions. Planned and designed by our in-house experts, the smallest of these modular timber office kits can be erected by two people and ready for business from home use in around a day. And, at under 3.5 metres high, you may not need planning permission or fall out with the neighbours.

Minimalist Home & Garden Office Foundations

Forget excavating trenches, pouring concrete, ready-mix lorries in the road or on your drive, council inspections, curing time, brick courses, and the like for your home-space. Simply clear off the topsoil, make the ground reasonably level, cut out some solid ground areas for the foundation pads, drop in and level up the re-enforced concrete paving slab pads, and away you go!

Once you have placed the proprietary levelling shoes on the concrete pads, dropped in the prefabricated timber ring beams, clipped these together at the corners, squared the foundation frame up and adjusted the levelling screws until the frame is level all round, you're ready for the floor panels.


large home office kits


All Dry, Self Build Home Office Kits

After dropping the floor panels into position and screw fixed them, the all-dry, sectional timber office components enable you to access any area of land, or garden, without the cost and worry of crane hire needed to get volumetric portakabin style portable office cabins on to the office site, and without the disturbance and potential damage that could be caused to your lawns, borders and paths by block, brick and concrete wet building practices.

With everything pre-drilled for locating dowels and Olympic fasteners, after standing, plumbing, and screwing the walls in position with self adhesive foam insulation strips in-between them, and continuous plug in wiring around the eaves, the roof panels simply drop and clip into place ready for sealing and weatherproofing in the same way. Pre-cut skirting, architrave, panel joint and eaves mouldings screw over joints in the natural finish internal plank board panels and external cladding, and you literally roll out the red carpet ready to receive any self assembly furniture and equipment that you've ordered.

With pre-glazed, pre-fitted windows and doors, an abundance of mid-wall power sockets, CAT 5 pre-wired computer and peripheral points, and built in low energy fluorescent lighting, you've no need for further interior design or decorating. Simply plug in to your mains electricity, water and sewerage (connection kits and piping available) and your large, spacious, low cost internal office space is ready for use.


Are you Ready for Home Office Tele-Working?

To join the virtual society to take advantage of UK Government incentives, to telecommute from your office at home or in your garden, to telework to your formal office network, to develop better business practice and flexible working, to improve your quality of life, to escape the rat-race and daily commuting by working from home.

Then you are ready for a Home-Run Professional Office Suit or Telecentre.

Space planned for organisational optimisation, you have a choice of 8 modular home office buildings and floor plans designed to complement and enhance your property and increase your enjoyment of your outdoor garden leisure world. All are offered as straightforward DIY self-build kits / self erection kits, or with an outstandingly swift erector service. All are wired for light and power and have the option of adding toilet and kitchenette facilities, all provide disability access and offer options for ergonomically arranged furniture, storage space, computer desks and desk systems, IT peripherals and other office equipment. All have highly insulated floors, walls, roofs and double glazing for maximum energy efficiency and lowest running costs. Help is also available for office furniture selection, office equipment and office supplies, as well as arranging the homeoffice finance to purchase yourHome-Run office and everything that you need to operate in it successfully.


What now for your Modular Timber Home or Garden Office?

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