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This page is dedicated to all our supply chain Partners, those people who work, or would like to work, with us to deliver the highest standard of quality and service to the end users of our superior engineered timber structures.

It includes suppliers of timber and sustainable components and will ultimately be THE place for everyone who would like to join us to find out what calls for supply - the requests for offers and tenders for our long term and ongoing requirements - we currently have in hand. Ultimately it will contain all the information you need from us in order to make an offer.

As you will gather, at Benfield ATT we are very proud of our suppliers. Being an industry of such varying standards, we have searched high and low for those suppliers who can provide both quality products and services but also value to our customers.

We work to extremely high standards to which not many other companies can work. We encourage applications from companies who share our belief in the highest quality and who strive for ISO, FSC, PEFC, professional association, or similar quality credentials.

Although it is currently being revised, we currently have the following requirements:-

Raw Materials

  • FSC timber and composites of all descriptions
  • PEFC timbers
  • C16, C24, TR26 machine stress graded structural engineering timbers
  • moisture stable timbers
  • OSB and racking strength substitutes
  • sheet and roll insulation of all descriptions
  • breather membranes


  • Bespoke timber window and door frame manufacturers for local supplies in all areas of the UK
  • Exterior and Interior door suppliers
  • Timber Flooring suppliers

If you are interested in becoming a valued member of our supply chain, please download a Supplier Application Formand send it to the Purchasing Department, providing details of;

  • The business and it's history
  • Quality credentials and experience of employees
  • The product, including images (if applicable) and technical specification
  • 5 copies of product literature
  • Competitive price list



Due to our strict ISO 9001 procedures, suppliers will only be considered once we are in reciept of a completed Application Form with appropriate Product Data Sheets.

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