Llamedos Range

The Llamedos Range of Combination Homes boasts several interesting styles based upon the same floor plan. Using the latest platform Timber Frame engineering techniques, our designers have produced a stunning range of homes that offer character and flexibility with very attractive build costs...


The Llamedos Range
...the most economical
House Builder / Developer Design Packages
ever made available in the UK...

Maximise Profits

Designed by a 'Housebuilder-developer' for 'Housebuilder-developers', this range of homes aims to help you maximise your profits by:-

  • Being economical with land and services
  • Working with standard brick sizes and joinery openings
  • Helping you save materials and minimise waste
  • Facilitating fast erection and rapid completions


Maximise Land Use

They are also designed to fit comfortably with any type of development site, from 1 to 100 or more units, without becoming boring, or over repetitious.

Based on a few straight forward plan layouts to ensure Best Value for Money on site delivery, this unique range of detached, semi-detached, and terrace houses, bungalow, and maisonettes can be mirrored and re-orientated though 90 degrees to facilitate optimum use of expensive serviced land.


Choose Your Style / Altering

By adjusting standard plan layouts to suit a variety of elevation treatments, developers can offer Elizabethan, Georgian, Victorian, Contemporary, Canadian, American, and Scandinavian house styles either as a buyer option, or to meet the particular requirements of specific planning authorities.

While all of these house kits come with fully detailed working drawings for each of the above types at no extra charge, their appearance can usually be adjusted to satisfy the most pernickety local and regional planning and conservation officers to satisfy particular vernacular styles. We usually offer this service at cost, retaining copyright on the new elevations for our portfolio.


Easy Materials

And better still, each of the standard designs comes with full material take-off lists to save you or your QS / estimating department time and money, as well as helping avoid take-off and ordering errors.


A Full Service Organisation

But the good news doesn't end here. Full site survey, soil testing, town and country planning, engineering and foundation services are available to help you get your project out of the ground almost as soon as the inks dry on your purchase contract. And while we're accustomed to working with clients own architects, planners, engineers, and other professionals and happy to do this if you wish if you do not have established relationships already you will find our range of professional services most competitively priced. This can save thousands of pounds on a development. Use it to lower prices and sell faster, or increase your profits.


Get Greatest Reward from Your Efforts

Of course, if you choose to maximise your return from your efforts by concentrating on the things that you or your organisation does best like finding and buying land, actually building the houses, and keeping your buyers happy, then by using our One Stop Shop facility - we can supply most of your materials and several specialist sub-contract services that you require. For example, pre-glazed windows and pre-hung doors, stairs, plasterboard, flooring, kitchen and wardrobe units, roof, floor and bathroom tiles, fireplaces, central heating complete, smart wiring, and so on all fitted if required. We think you'll be hard pressed to beat our prices.

...and it just got better again.

Maximise Prices and Sales

As soon as we receive your order we'll start working with your sales agent to promote your development nationally and internationally through our web site and new-homes.co.uk the award winning HBF web site, of which we are members.


Get Even Better Prices

But theres more. Through our volume rebate arrangements the more you buy in any year, the cheaper each house kit gets for you.

So, Hammer Down your deal now, and lets get those Sold boards up as you deliver better homes, better standards of living, and a better quality of life for the thousands of people across Britain that are deserving of your best efforts.

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