Dry Foundations

Benfield ATT's 'DryFounds' System includes the Design, Supply and installation of a timber or concrete 'deck' type foundation and conforms to all timber frame building regulations. Due our focus on having the highest-quality of build, Benfield ATT only offer 'DryFounds' as part of a Benfield ATT Timber Frame building project.

This means we can be sure that our customers recieve a very high quality build - with Benfield ATT having control of Design, Engineering, Manufacture and Foundations of your building.

A Completed Dry Foundation Project

A Completed Dry Foundation Project

This includes the production of full working drawings and design calculations which will be coordinated with the Architects, Engineering or other designs available and the submission of the same to the relevant Building Control Authority to obtain approvals.

Dry Foundation Angle detail

Dry Foundation Angle Detail

This system is a cost-effective and efficient foundation, especially when you take into account the following benefits when compared with traditional systems and other proprietary package systems:

  • The Benfield ATT DryFounds System meets with NHBC technical requirements and LANTAC (Local Authority National Type Approval Confederation) which is valid throughout the UK.
  • Minimal reduced level dig required and without the need to excavate trenches, problems and costs associated with delays in wet weather, collapse, shoring requirements and uncertainty with regard to depth and incorporation of anti-heave materials are eliminated.
  • On contaminated sites, the savings offered by DryFounds due to the savings in tipping charges allied to the above point can be considerable. Also DryFounds facilitates the provision of a gas proof membrane more efficiently than any other system.
  • As a package system, DryFounds includes all design, cutting down piles and installation of slab up to DPM level, thus removing the potential of interface problems and unforeseen costs between different trades and designers, with Benfield ATT assuming responsibility for the package as a whole.
  • DryFounds presents a safer working environment, it is cleaner and gives a better overall impression to site visitors.
  • The system is suited for restricted urban environments in terms of noise and working space/storage requirements.
  • The system can provide significant savings in overall construction periods.

Please contact us for more information - only available as part of a Benfield ATT Timber Frame Design & Build Project.

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