Site and Building Surveying

As a specialist Chartered Surveyors, Benfield ATT can provide professional advice on property and construction for commercial companies and consultants, central and local government, and private individuals.

The role of a building surveyor

Benfield ATT's Chartered Surveyor is a highly trained professional, offering expert advice on all aspects of land, property and construction. Through life long learning, we are required to keep abreast of changes and developments concerning our industry including legislation, business practices and technical developments.


The UKÂ?s only specialist Timber Frame company to be Chartered Surveyors


Benfield ATT work in many areas of property and construction and no description of our services provided can be completely exhaustive. We have typically been involved in areas such as planning, site surveying and building surveying. However, Benfield ATT can undertake the majority of the following;


Construction Design & Building Works
From the inception of a Benfield ATT Timber Frame project, we liase with the client to determine their requirements and inspect the site.

We can also provide advice on:

  • Cost, timetable and legal approvals required to ensure that quality, time and cost requirements are met
  • The selection of other consultants, such as designers and engineers
  • The condition of an existing building.
  • Prepare design sketches and drawings
  • Advise on project costs and timetable
  • Prepare specifications of work and contract documents
  • Submit local authority applications
  • Advise on legislative issues
  • Suggest procurement routes, appropriate forms of contract and advise on tender lists
  • Obtain prices for the work.


Building surveys and measured surveys
Benfield ATT can undertake a building survey of a property and advise on matters such as the condition, defects and remedies, and the need for specialist investigation. Measured surveys can be produced to provide dimensional information on land or property or as a preliminary service before the start of building work.


Defect investigation and maintenance advice
We can review the effect on maintenance of life cycle costing, comparing the cost now against the future maintenance and replacement costs to match the anticipated building life and expenditure.


Project management and monitoring
Benfield ATT can act as a Project Managers/Employer Agents for larger Timber Frame projects, co-ordinating the design team and providing strategic advice on all construction issues. We can also act on behalf on investment funds and banks to appraise the work, monitor its progress and authorise payments.

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