Green Technology

FSC Timber Frame

The FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) is now internationally recognised as the 'Gold Standard' certification system to ensure the sustainable sourcing of timber used in a project....

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ECO Homes Rating

Buildings are responsible for significant impacts on the environment. They account for around half the UK's emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2), the main 'greenhouse' gas...

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Super Airtight Standards

Backed by years of Canadian, Japanese and UK research and experience, a Super-Airtight house reflects everything you want in a home...

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Dry Foundations

Engineered Dry Foundations to help reduce foundation costs, avoid bad weather delays and minimise site clearance...

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Alternative Energy

Alternative Energy Solutions for Timber Frame - Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Geothermal Energy...

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Both timber frame and masonry construction can be designed to give extremely high levels of thermal insulation...

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Timber Windows

The quest for perfect windows has come a long way in the last 25 years. Gone are the days of leaking window-frame sashes, rotting cills, weak styles, penetrating rain, and boring designs...

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Exterior Cladding

Dry Brick & Stone, Timber, Render, & Tile/Slate Cladding for Timber Frame Buildings...

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Carbon Zero

Climate Change is upon us, and virtually undeniable. What is climate change and what can you - and the construction industry - do to counteract the situation...

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