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Please remember that the walls, or 'cheeks', of dormer roofs (dormers) are in fact external walls. As such they need to be designed, engineered and manufactured with the same care and consideration as any other wall in a timber-frame structure.

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Rooflights and Sun Tubes

Fixed along the same roof plane as the roof finish (tiles, etc.), roof lights (sometimes called skylights) can allow roof space to become useful rooms, especially where, for planning or other reasons, it is not possible to create roof dormers

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'Fire Barrier' Spandrel Panels

'Wet' trades builders are increasingly recognising the benefits of having their roof space spandrel panels made in our factory and shipped to site for simply lifting them into place. With pre-fixed plasterboard, or other suitable materials, providing the necessary fire proofing, they are easily positioned to complete the job.

Our spandrel panels can be designed and engineered to fit any angle, or shape of roof and can be either load bearing or non-load bearing, as required.

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'I' Beam Roofs

Sometimes a design may call for a more accessible and / or usable roof space area than can be provided using truss rafters, or even cut timbers.

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In many countries, including Scotland, it is usual to 'sark' the roof with a covering of timber boards or sheet composite over the rafters. However, in England and Wales it has become common practice to leave out the timber and use only a 'sarking felt' over the rafters and below the tile battens.

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Flat, Mono & Curved Pitch Roofs

If your design requires anything other than a pitched roof of over 12.5 degrees, then you are likely to need a specially designed mono, curved, or flat pitch roof. For these the load calculations, span widths, and connection details all need special engineering consideration.

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Engineered Roofs

Even if you aren't using a complete timber frame, your building inspectorate, building insurers (e.g. NHBC, Zurich), and mortgage lenders will insist on your roof being properly engineered. This means more than just checking that the timbers will span the rooms and hold the roof tiles, or other covering up.

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Fascias & Soffits

While standard machined softwood and plywood or other or other composite sheet materials are often used for timber fascias, barge-boards and soffits, we also supply pre-treated and/or factory pre-finished (painted) components for these.

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