Summary: TF-v-"Conventional"

It’s All in the Walls

  • ‘Conventional’ buildings usually have external walls of bricks, blocks, or other ‘wet-build’ materials.
  • ‘Conventional’ wall types tend to vary from region to region and with age of building
  • Timber Frame buildings (usually) have external walls of composite timber panels
  • In Timber Frame structures  the timber walls support the building NOT the masonry
  • Most domestic masonry buildings also have timber joist floors & timber rafter roofs

  • Timber Frame Construction

Durable Long Life

  • Scientific research has proved the stability of timber frame up to 6 floors high
  • They are extremely stable and perform better than masonry even  in earthquakes
  • Durable Timber Buildings demonstrably last for hundreds, if not thousands, of years

Rain Proof

  • Solid masonry is NOT impervious to water, like driving rain.
  • Many pre-war buildings have ‘solid’ external walls that can be damp and ‘leak’ water
  • Cavity walls provide a gap to stop this water penetration
  • Modern masonry walls have this gap filled with insulation
  • Timber frame with integral insulation preserves the cavity to keep the inside dry

Excellent in Fires

  • Fire & Building Regulations treat timber frame just the same as masonry buildings
  • National Insurers make no difference between timber frame and masonry for fire
  • Wood ‘charring’ actually causes timber to go out unless flame & oxygen are applied
  • Even forest fires do not burn out some trees

No Drying Out

  • ‘Dry’ timber frame has thousands of gallons LESS water than masonry
  • Masonry can take years to dry out, with attendant decoration & shrinkage issues
  • Timber Frame needs little if any drying out, saving on snagging and maintenance

Most Eco-Friendly

  • Timber is perhaps the most environmentally sustainable building material
  • It has many times less embodied energy than brocks, blocks, concrete or steel
  • Timber needs less energy in the actual construction process than masonry
  • Timber framed homes are warmer, dryer, less draughty, more comfortable, use less energy and are cheaper to run than most masonry houses.  


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