What is Conventional Building?

Brick & Block Masonry Buildings

Many people use the term Conventional Build’, or building, to imply the use of masonry for the outside walls, where ‘masonry’ infers the use of bricks and/or concrete blocks for these.

Other Forms of Masonry

However, this could also include stone, aerated lightweight concrete blocks, breeze blocks, hollow clay pots, ‘no-fines’ concrete, and a number of other materials. These could be used as the structural elements of the building, but they could also just provide weather-proof ‘rain screens’, or architectural features for the façade, with no other purpose.

Masonry House with Timber Roof

Influence of Traditions & Location on
Building ‘Conventions’

Different locations may also have other variations as, for instance, in the use of ‘cob’; usually a mixture of clay, sand, straw, water, earth and, sometimes, fine stone or pebbles. (see Cob or cobb or clom). This has been used for hundreds of years in the South West, Wales, Ireland, parts of Europe, Africa and elsewhere.


Medieval Building

Also, of course, there are medieval houses which used massive timber posts and beams for the structure usually in-filled with ‘wattle & daub’, bricks – often featured as ‘herringbone brickwork’- or stone. There are many examples of such structures throughout Britain, for example in our ‘Black & White’ Tudor homes.


Medieval Half Timbered Houses, Chester


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