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Subsequent Time Savings

Here you will find more information about how choosing to use a timber frame structure for your project can help make the whole construction process much more efficient, saving immense amounts of time, minimising delays caused by weather, and  cutting down on general frustration-  as well as saving costs, as previously mentioned.

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On-going works

• Cladding while dry lining

• Influence of dimensional accuracy

Doubling Up Saves Weeks

• 25%-35% Time Saving possible

Summary of Time Savings


On-Going Works

Once a timber frame shell is made wind and water tight, both subsequent internal and external works may proceed at the same time. Thus external roofing may be in process while the electricians and plumbers are ‘carcassing’ the inside.

Cladding while Dry Lining

Then the external wall cladding, either in brick, block, stone, brick slip, tile or slate hanging, render, timber cladding, etc. can be worked on while the internal dry lining and plastering are carried out inside.

Nova-Brick Cladding Outside Timber Frame while Working Inside

Source: South Wales Building

Influence of Dimensional Accuracy

This later work is again made easier and quicker by the dimensional accuracy of timber frame structures. (Note that it is recommended that roofs should be fully loaded, if not actually completed, before any wet masonry work is carried out so as to minimise the risk of differential settlement).

Doubling Up Saves Weeks

In itself this ability to ‘double up’ on the trades working on site at any one time can save weeks of time.

25% - 33% Time Savings Possible

Overall, the consensus across the industry seems to be that timber frame construction can enable a building to be completed in between 2/3rds and 3/4rs of the time it takes to ‘wet build’ a masonry house.

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