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Summary of Time Savings

In summary, the overall consensus is that using Timber Frame structures saves overall construction time because:-

  • Foundations can be being built at the same time as the timber frame is being ‘built’ in the factory. 
  • Unloading and storage of lager elements on site is reduced. 
  • Massive time savings in assembly –v- ‘wet build’, especially waiting for ‘green’ mortar / concrete, etc. to ‘cure’ 
  • Fast erection of weather-proof shell enables internal and external works to proceed in tandem. 
  • Greater dimensional accuracy of Timber Frame –v- ‘wet build’ facilitates faster site assembly of shell and other components. 
  • No, or considerably less, time needed for plasterwork and other ‘wet’ trades to dry out. 
  • Overall 25% -33% time savings may be possible.

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