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Ground Works

Once the planning and regulations have been approved and secured, the Ground Works can then commence. Foundations, levelling etc is a vital step to provide a quality base for your timber frame building...


You will need level ground to store the Benfield ATT kit. As we understand that some sites do not allow enough storage room, we may be able to offer a staggered delivery; with the frame and wall panels arriving first, and the roof panels and finishing materials arriving a few days later. If you request a staggered delivery and Benfield ATT are not doing the sitework, you will need to supply a forklift or crane on site to unload the second shipment.


A Completed Dry Foundation Project


The Foundation
A Benfield ATT structure can be built on any type of permanent foundation; dry or wet. We have found wide regional variations due to local costs, traditions, and environmental conditions. Poured concrete foundations are the most common among developers and builders, with self-builders tending to prefer concrete block, slab, and piles. Whatever the design, it is important that your foundation contractor’s engineer bases your foundation plan upon the perimeter dimensions and footing locations provided on your final plans. The foundation must be designed in accordance with both local code requirements and site conditions. If required by the engineer, we can provide loading information for your particular building. As with all construction it is important that footings be installed on well drained, original or compacted soil. Clay or muddy soils may require a special foundation design.


Level and Square
The completed foundation wall should be level and square. This means that the top of the foundation should be level within a quarter of an inch and that the shape should be that of a perfect rectangle. A surveyor’s transit must be used to check for level, but a simple comparison of the diagonal measurements of your foundation will confirm whether it is a true rectangle. If the diagonal measurements are equal, then the foundation is square. If the top of the foundation is not level, adjustments will have to be made to the sill as it is placed on the foundation. Being precision-engineered to the nearest millimetre, your Benfield ATT building will be designed for well-constructed foundations and our Site experts can usually only correct minor shape imperfections, but major skewness or bows in the walls will cause problems.

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