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Cranes & Equipment

Benfield ATT can supply all site machinery to make the build easier and smoother. If we are not the site managers however, the following questions may offer guideance for users of these on site.


Cranes & Lifting Equipment

  • Is the mobile or static crane working on a firm level base?
  • Are the safe working loads and corresponding radii known and considered before any lifting begins?
  • If the crane has a capacity of more than 1 tonne, does it have an automatic safe load indicator that is maintained and inspected weekly?
  • Are all operators trained and competent?
  • Has the banksman/slinger/signaller been trained to give signals and to attach loads correctly?
  • Do the operator and signaller / banksman find out the weight and centre of gravity of the load before trying to lift it?
  • Are cranes inspected weekly, and thoroughly examined every 14 months by a competent person?
  • Are the results of inspections and examinations recorded?
  • Does the crane have a current test certificate?


Plant & Machinery

  • Is the right plant and machinery being used for the job? Have the entire project team agreed on this point?
  • Are all-dangerous parts guarded, e.g. exposed gears, chain drives, projecting engine shafts?
  • Are guards secured and in good repair?
  • Is the machinery maintained in good repair and are all safety devices operating correctly?
  • Are all operators trained and competent?


Traffic & Vehicles

  • Have separate pedestrian, vehicle access points and routes around the site been provided? If not, are vehicles and pedestrians kept separate wherever possible?
  • Have one-way systems or turning points been provided to minimise the need for reversing?
  • Where vehicles have to reverse, are they controlled by properly trained banksman? Have drivers received proper training?
  • Are vehicles securely loaded?
  • Are passengers prevented from riding in dangerous positions?
  • Fire and emergencies
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