Fire Barrier Spandrel Panels

'Wet' trades builders are increasingly recognising the benefits of having their roof space spandrel panels made in our factory and shipped to site for simply lifting them into place. With pre-fixed plasterboard, or other suitable materials, providing the necessary fire proofing, they are easily positioned to complete the job.

Our spandrel panels can be designed and engineered to fit any angle, or shape of roof and can be either load bearing or non-load bearing, as required.

Computer-Generated Spandrel Panel by Benfield ATT

By using Benfield ATT spandrels, contractors and house-builders eliminate the difficult and costly skilled labour required to cut and rake brickwork and block-work in difficult to access roof space party wall areas between trussed or cut roof rafters. This releases skilled and expensive labour for more important, visible brick and block work. Besides saving time and money, it also enables roofs to be closed in faster to protect timbers and floor decks from the weather and allow quicker access for following trades. A further benefit is the ability to reduce on site waste and the attendant Health & Safety hazards.

Result? - quicker, leaner, cost effective construction, and improved 'value-for-money buildings' for clients.

Short lead times and rapid turn-around available.

So, take your next step to improving your construction skills and building strengths, call 01291 437 050 to discuss your project, or click to drop us a note of your requirements.

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