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Timber Windows

Wonderful bespoke windows and creative fenestration, all with short lead times, fully glazed, factory finished timber in a range of over 120 colours or clear naturally warm wood. You design the shape, size, finish and glazing specification.

French doors, pre-hung doors, frames and doors with damage resistant factory enamel finishes. Curved tops, angled heads, leaded lights, coloured glazing. You name it “the choice is yours. And all with easy installation, hassle free maintenance, and integrated joinery complimentary products.

Perfect Windows

The quest for perfect windows has come a long way in the last 25 years. Gone are the days of leaking window-frame sashes, rotting cills, weak styles, penetrating rain, and boring designs. In are the demands of environmentalists, legislators, governments and others to provide increased thermal insulation, acoustic insulation, and durability of product.

Window Science

Today, building science demands far higher standards of performance than ever before. Energy efficiency, solar gain, avoidance of cold bridging, and air tightness are all illustrations of the demands now made of the humble window.

Window Technology

And today, our window technology enables us to deliver and fit windows of exceptional quality and performance. Double glazing, triple glazing, a range of special glass, full draft sealing, and improved weathering profiles deliver trouble free window joinery.

Making the Perfect Window

is not easy. First, your individual design is prepared, sized and specified for material, appearance and finish. This information is then sent electronically to the temperature and humidity controlled factory, detailing the component sizes and features.

Timber is kiln dried to very low moisture contents to ensure subsequent stability in product, before being milled, graded, and sorted, with unacceptable material being removed. Then it is finger jointed in to almost continuous lengths, before being machined into the components parts for each special frame. These components are then hung on a treatment track, automatically sensitised to receive a positive electronic charge, and twice passed though a spray booth to receive a negatively charged colour or clear timber powder coating. They are then oven treated to produce a hard, durable surface, similar to an enamel.

With all joints and end grain having received the same protection as the exposed timber, skilled craft workers assemble your window frames, before glazing and fitting ironmongery in accordance with your individual specification.

Where a natural wood appearance is required, a further process takes place before assembly, laminating thick cut veneers to finger jointed material.

After careful, quality control inspection, your windows are damage-proof packed, ready for delivery to your site and installation by our specialist window fitters.

Window Creativity

All of this translates into 'bespoke windows as standard'. Now, architects, developers, contractors, building owners and self builders have a new creative license and architectural design freedom to make impressive statements in wood and glass. Our modular sizing between products has creativity stacked in their favour. To see what we mean just phone or click here to ask for a detailed catalogue of options that will help turn your dreams into reality.

Integrated Windows

Now it is easy to achieve a seamless look both inside and out with our integrated bespoke joinery products and appearances to suit your design from traditional Oak to contemporary woods such as Beech, Ash, Elm, White Pine and many more besides.

Creating Extraordinary Windows

Our value engineered Windows and Doors are individually manufactured to UK, North American and Scandinavian specifications all to offer you the widest choice possible. In these other countries, demands for quality and energy-efficiency is extremely high. For generations, skilled craft-workers have been building high quality wood windows and doors to withstand the harsh realities of rugged Northern winters and fierce, searing summers.

Today, the tradition continues with a complete line of low-maintenance and high-performance products available from us, wherever you are in the world. From one 250,000 square foot manufacturing climate controlled facility over 200 highly-skilled craftworkers are employed using state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment to create unique products with 'outside-the-box' thinking and a zest for challenge.

Environmentally Friendly Windows

As you will have seen elsewhere on this site, we are more than usually environmentally aware, and fully understand the importance of protecting our planet and sustaining our natural resources. We understand the importance of protecting our environment and sustaining our natural resources. Our windows will help you do this.

Your Window Choice

We specialise in going out of our way to let you have yours. We give you the variety of standard products with the options and the flexibility to produce the products you need to make your dream a reality.