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Dry Foundations

Benfield ATT can provide Engineered Dry Foundations to help reduce foundation costs, avoid bad weather delays and minimise site clearance.


Dry Foundations from Benfield ATT

No Problem?
The Government estimates that 3.8 million more new homes are needed in the next 15 years. That means building over 100,000 more homes than the 150,000 a year we build today. But they are also telling us that we have to accept more legislation, more environmental requirements, a shortage of good land, more difficult planning issues, and increased pressure to build on infill land and brown-field sites...the solution?

Your 'Cleaner, Leaner' foundations
When you choose Benfield ATT to design, manufacture, or erect your building, you also gain access to a comprehensive set of building solutions...an important element of these is the foundation system.

Designed and engineered specifically as an integral part of your project our foundation system can - when reduction of soil removal, tipping costs, and time savings are taken into account - save you up to 15% when compared to the overall costs of conventional foundations.

This gets even better if you have a very sloping, or brown-field site. Then, we may be able to make otherwise unbuildable land developable - and potentially save much more.

Better still, we can reduce or eliminate site levelling and excavation, minimise (or avoid) the need to cart soil away, often overcome the need for soil remediation, and handle local authority, Zurich, NHBC and similar approvals.

Take a look at these benefits:-

  • Make best use of tight, constrained sites with our micro sized equipment that is able to access and work in the most confined spaces, especially those adjacent to existing buildings, boundaries and party walls
  • Eliminate slab drying out and cure times, enabling frame erection to proceed in one seamlessly smooth operation
  • Reduce or avoid problems associated with foundations, like bad weather, frost, unstable ground, excavation, ground water
  • Keep your site clean, with minimum disruption to the ground and reduced risk of accidents. This also makes handling your on site COSSH and other Health & Safety issues much easier
  • Achieve shorter programme times, keep to programme, and reduce tipping costs by minimising soil away and contamination treatment costs
  • Easily install gas proof membranes if required
  • Impress visitors, inspectors and prospective purchasers with a cleaner, safer appearance
  • Eliminate heavy rigs and other site equipment
  • Avoid churning up your site
  • Cut down on plant hire and associated costs
  • Reduced vibration and noise, minimise inconvenience and nuisance for neighbours, observe environmental constraints, and improve your image and public relations
  • Tackle urban and inner city redevelopment sites with flair and ease
  • Overcome many of the delays and costs that can be caused by site obstructions, like old foundations and services
  • Pass local authority, NHBC, Zurich, etc. certifications and approvals to us
  • Maximise your site's aesthetic and environmental appeal by preserving trees and working closer to them than with conventional foundations
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