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Super Airtight Standards

Backed by years of Canadian, Japanese and UK research and experience, a Super-Airtight house reflects everything you want in a home:

  • comfort,
  • quality,
  • affordability,
  • durability,
  • indoor air quality,
  • energy efficiency,
  • and environmental responsibility.

Super-Airtight matches export-ready Canadian housing companies with experienced Japanese and UK builders to provide the highest quality housing for homeowners.

Since a Super-Airtight house is better-built with a variety of high-quality materials and energy-saving systems, the construction costs can be slightly higher than a conventional house. Reduced energy bills quickly offset the upgrade costs, making monthly payments less than the conventional house - the true test of affordability.

The harsh Canadian climate has had a huge influence on the development of housing technology. Building products developed under these conditions have been designed to be durable, energy efficient but are also developed with comfort and practicality in mind. Benfield ATT's involvement with Super-Airtight specification and programme requirements offer the UK this long history in energy efficiency combined with the knowledge acquired from some of the best Japanese, UK and Canadian researchers and designers.

Building on advanced Japanese and UK standards for energy efficiency and environmental performance, together with Canadian experience, technology and building practices, Super-Airtight houses set a new benchmark for energy efficient and environmentally responsible imported housing.

To find out how you can benefit from applying Super-Airtight Standards to your next project Click here to submit an enquiry online, or Call +44 01291 437050