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Designed to be built by 2 people, with occasional help from 1 or 2 more, in around 2 days (Foundations, floors and roof can be constructed in a day to provide immediate shelter, with the plumbing, electrical, roof covering, and 'finishing' works completed on the second day), and for use under any climatic conditions, the DiRReP (Disaster Relief Re-locatable or Permanent Building) can accommodate up to 6 adults in relative comfort...

Emergency Housing - DiRRep by Benfield ATT

Emergency housing, emergency shelter and disaster housing is needed all over the world. With our ever changing unpredictable climate, disastrous weather conditions, and frequent earthquakes, Benfield ATT have created disaster homes for people in need of fast, easy build shelters. Our DiRRep structures could be used for many different applications including: first aid housing, first aid homes, emergency aid housing, emergency aid homes, crisis housing, crisis homes and crisis shelter,

Complete Village or Township

Variation in site layout arrangements and elevation treatments make these units ideal for the creation of complete villages and townships. Simple adaptations enable them to be used for shops, schools, worship, meeting rooms, etc. Where a village or township is required, fully professional survey, engineering, town planning design, implementation and infrastructure services are offered on a Rapid Response basis.




Needing a footprint of 7.2m x 13.2m (to allow for projections - less if eaves are removed for terracing) each unit has wide overhanging eaves all round to provide veranda like sunshade and to throw roof-water away from the walls. Provision can easily be made for rainwater capture and storage if required.

Each unit provides space for a fitted kitchenette, with mini bottle-gas fridge, cooker, flow through water heater, and shower-room with shower tray, washbasin and WC (equipment, units and sanitary ware available at nominal extra cost). A cold-water header tank is mounted inside the roof space, with a cold-water hook-up point to serve both hot and cold points to kitchen and shower-room.



Delivering almost 35 sq m of fully usable floor space, each unit provides a spacious living room with space for a galley kitchenette and storage cupboards, a fully equipped shower-room, and one large sleeping area that can be divided in to two bedrooms by the simple addition of a solid or fabric wall. This is available at small extra cost.


Doors and windows at the front and rear of each unit can be opened to create through draft cooling. Additionally, a proprietary designed roof ridge can be fitted at small extra cost to allow 'open' or 'closed' natural wind assisted ventilation and cooling.


Water and Sanitation

Our emergency homes are designed to receive water either from a piped (mains) supply, or from a water-bowser. In the absence of either, guttering and rainwater butt roof-water collection can be provided. While provision is made for a flushing WC, this can be replaced by a dry 'drop-through', or 'Elsan' style unit if required (see below). Wastes from kitchen sink, washbasin, shower and WC (if provided) can be taken through the floor or wall for hook-up to irrigation or sewage disposal (see options below)

Water heating can be via either a bottle gas or electric 'flow through' unit mounted in the bathroom or roof space. Pipe-work, electrical harnessing or gas lighting points can be pre-fitted to, or in the wall panels ready for quick 'push fit' connections to link these up to water and electric services, or for operating from bottle gas and pumped in water (hand pump option available).

Electrical System

10 double power points are fitted at 1m height in or to selected panels, as marked. This includes use of one socket for mini cooker and refrigerator if this option chosen. Power sockets are UK 13 amp standard, unless ordered differently. If required, wall light fittings are provided in living and kitchen areas and each bedroom area. Generators can be provided for autonomous operation, if required.

Emergency Housing with Earthquake Resistance

Each DiRReP is designed so that it can be adapted to withstand all but the fiercest earthquake at its epicentre. Unless more than one adjacent foundation pad is removed the DiRReP is intended to remain standing and level.


Hurricane Resistance

The mechanical fixings and connections for each DiRReP's emergency housing,are designed to provide resistance to hurricane force winds of up to 100 mph (160 kph), subject to some design changes. If orientated and erected correctly, the integrity of assembled components within a unit should not be compromised by anything but a direct hit from a heavy object, e.g. 'flying' trees, poles, cars, etc. However, under very severe conditions, it is possible that the building could be moved on, or even lifted off its pad foundations. Protection against this can be obtained by excavating (by spade or auger) and concreting-in mechanical holding down straps to the foundation post legs.

Modular System

Designed on a 1.2 m2 grid, standard panellised components are interchangeable and foolproof.


Building Regulation Compliant

Designed to enable compliance with UK and other developed country building regulations, each unit enjoys high levels of acoustic and thermal insulation.


Flat Pack Panels

Panels are palletised and strapped in packs of 8 for easy handling and loading into and out of containers by forklift vehicles.


Containerisation - Homes in a Container, Containerised homes, Containerised housing

Depending on specification, approximately one unit per 20 ft container, or two units per 40 ft, all packed and banded for either forklift un loading, or de-banding and hand off-load (de-stuffing). homes in a container, containerised homes, containerised housing,

Simple Instructions

A set of simple, illustrated instructions on how to unload, prepare the ground, erect the building and connect up the services, accompanies each kit. These highly visual instructions are laminated to protect against all inclement weather conditions. Complimentary instructions are in preparation so that no reading or language skills will be required.


Emergency Housing Foundations

Simply clear 12 No 600 mm x 600 mm areas of ground (1 spade included per container) at specified locations to receive 50 mm reinforced concrete slabs (included with kit) and drop these in place ready to receive foundation ring beams.


Instant Levelling

Proprietary timber stub foundation posts are simply cut to suit levels and enable the foundation ring beam to be quickly and easily positioned and levelled up (1 level included per container) to receive floor panels.


No Skills Necessary

Simply locate all components (ring beams, floor, wall and roof panels, trusses and [if provided] kitchen cupboards, sink, toilet, washbasin and shower tray) in line with pre-drilled holes and secure with hexagonal head screws or bolt and wing nut fasteners.


No Equipment Needed

Apart from the saw, spade, screwdriver, plumb/level, hammer, and other simple equipment provided in each container, no further equipment is required other than possibly a stepladder or 'hop-up' stands. Everything fits together with screws, bolts, or clips.


Emergency Housing with Rapid Erection

Only 2 people are required to unpack the container (unless forklift used), prepare the ground and set in the foundation pads, set out and level the ring beams, drop on the floor panels (including pre-fitted kitchen and bathroom equipment if provided), position and plumb the wall panels. Additional help may be required (1 or 2 people) to lift on, screw & clip the gables and trusses, lay on the roof panels, and cover the roof with the roof membrane. All of this work can be completed to provide basic shelter within a day.

If provided, the wall cupboards, electrical harness, plumbing pipe-work, kitchen and bathroom wastes (glue, pipe-work, solvents, all included in the kit) and other finishing items can be completed by 1 or 2 people within a further day.


Fully Insulated Emergency Homes

All floor, external and internal wall and roof panels are filled with highly effective foam or mineral fibre insulation to provide sound and thermal insulation (information upon application). With an outside temperature of 0 degrees Centigrade the heating requirement with 6 adults inside is estimated at (information upon application) KwH / Joules.



If required, each unit can be spray sealed (1 can of spray sealant provided per kit) along seams, in floors, walls, ceiling and roof vents, and non setting mastic or gaskets provided to panel joints to reduce internal air changes to circa 3 per hour. This can further reduce the need for heating / cooling. This incurs a price increase.



Doors and windows are factory double-glazed using translucent polycarbonate with tight fitting closure mastic sealing compound.



Pre assembled electrical harnessing provides double power sockets, and integral / surface wiring for selected panels ready for connection via push fit harness on erection of panels. Wall lights and wall switches are similarly included.



If ordered, kitchen sink and base and wall units, plus shower room WC, basin and shower tray are packed for on site assembly, with cold and hot water pipe-work pre-cut and packed for easy 'push-fit' on site installation to relevant walls.


Wall Finishes

External wall surfaces are factory coated with standard timber colour treatment. Internal walls and ceiling are left untreated. These may be stained, clear varnished, painted, or papered by the occupiers to suit their own requirements.


Roof Finishes

A single layer of robust, un-tear-able, long life EDPM (synthetic rubber), with integral lapping / drip strip, is provided to cover the roof panels and be mechanically fixed all round the perimeter.


Door and Window finishes

All joinery items are left un treated for subsequent decoration by occupants to suit their local / regional / national tastes.



If land is scarce, units can be placed with external flank walls together by adapting roof trusses and panels (these can then be used to provide the internal division of the sleeping area, if required).



Simply coupling two units together lengthwise, or in an L, T, or H formation, can extend units to accommodate larger families or groups of people, or provide shops, surgeries, operating theatres, schools, places of worship, etc.


Re-locatable Homes

The DiRReP's innovative design means that the units can be quickly and easily dismantled, packed, and relocated by simply reversing the erection process.



In addition to the ability to extend each unit by adding on an extra unit, the structure of each DiRReP allows the low pitch roof to be removed, stored and a further set of floor and wall panels to be fitted as a first floor (additional joists and floor panels required) before re-fitting the roof (or changing the appearance by substituting another roof).


Permanent Emergency Housing

Each DiRReP is designed to have a life of at least 20 years in under non-harsh climatic conditions without receiving any maintenance to walls, roof or joinery, after erection.

However, since each DiRReP is designed to meet demanding UK and European Building Regulation standards, they are easily up gradable for use as permanent and attractive housing with much longer life-spans.

In addition to adding one or more additional floors, or extending the units length-wise or width-wise, a number of additional external treatments can be added to provide a solid appearance in whatever style or vernacular required by the occupiers, e.g. brick cladding, tile hanging, render, Cape Cod style timber cladding, etc.


Options at extra cost

  • An electric or bottle gas mini-cooker and refrigerator can be provided if required.
  • Shower room and kitchenette equipment and fittings (shower tray, washbasin, low flush WC [or 'dry' toilet], sink unit, kitchen floor and wall cupboards, taps, etc.)
  • A hand pump can be provided for fixing to the external rear wall to pump water from drums or other containers until mains water can be hooked up.
  • Termite Treatment of all timber if required.
  • Generators of varying sizes to suit number of units, plus district wiring and hook-up provisions
  • Autonomous district sewage treatment plant to suit number of units.
  • Full sets of CKD furniture and complete 'Turn-Key' household goods, according to climate and local preferences


Semi Autonomous (via in house consultancy)

  • Electricity Supply, solar water heating, photo-voltaic and wind generator electricity generation, plus storage batteries can be provided, depending on climate
  • Water Harvesting & Treatment + bore-well water sourcing and storage
  • Waste Water and Sewage Disposal, with treated effluent usable for local irrigation and cultivation

Each Kit contains:-

  • 12 reinforced 600mm x 600mm x 50mm concrete foundation pads
  • 4 No 4.8m + 2 No 7.2m foundation ring beams
  • Foundation legs to be cut to length and levels on site
  • 9 No floor cassettes
  • 1 No floor cassette prepared to take waste water and WC exit pipes (if specified)
  • 1 No floor cassette with pre fixed combination sink, cooker and fridge unit (if specified)
  • 1 No floor cassette with pre-fitted WC, washbasin, and shower tray (if specified)
  • Electrical wiring harnesses for power points, light points, and water heater
  • Pre-cut plumbing pipe-work and connectors for kitchen and shower-room
  • Plain wall panels
  • 3 No window panels with pre-fitted, double glazed, top hung opening windows in each
  • 1 No entrance door panel with pre-fitted door double glazed to top half
  • Internal wall panels
  • Gable panels
  • Roof trusses
  • Roof panels
  • 1 No cold water storage tank
  • electrical and plumbing harnessing + waste and WC pipes all for push fit or clip connection.
  • Bolts, wing nuts, and screws as required
  • Sealing mastic
  • 1 can spray foam sealant
  • 1 spade
  • 1 saw
  • 1 hammer
  • 1 plumb / level

Indicative Price for minimum 500 units: £4,975 per unit (exclusive of VAT)

Above price based on Kit loaded into container at our factory, Caldicot, UK and excludes delivery and erection services. Price Based on Minimum Order of 500 units.


Design changes, Shipping and other arrangements charged extra

Funding may be available for approved clients and countries

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