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Self Build

Due to popular demand, we have published the floor plans and computer-generated elevation of both homes featured on our ITV television show - House Race. Please note that we cannot reproduce these exact houses and the designs are here to get you started.

Benfield ATT's speciality is bespoke self-build homes, so please feel free to create your own design...

If you need help designing your Self Build Home visit timbertecs the professional services company from Benfield ATT

The Benfield ATT Green Dream Home

Ian and Victoria's home was built around an 'environmentally sensitive' philosophy. Their architects were Bill Flinn from Greenheart and Jeremy Dain from Inscape, both of which work closely with Benfield ATT. Both practices are committed to sustainability in building: the use of natural, locally sourced materials; high insulation standards; designs which take full advantage of passive solar gain and natural ventilation; and avoiding materials that are harmful to people and to the environment.

Although both houses use sustainable materials wherever possible, the Green Dream home will go one step further with solar panels to generate electricity and a sedum roof (a layer of plants that will help insulate the house).

The Benfield ATT Contemporary 'Shaker' Barn

Ray and Joanne's Shaker-style house was designed to resemble a period building such as a barn. However, whilst the outside will look rustic, the inside is very cool and contemporary with plenty of big open plan spaces.

The house will also get plenty of natural light - one side (plus part of the roof) will be mostly glass with huge windows and patio doors. The architect helping them was Graham Frecknall, again Benfield ATT work very closely with Graham.

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