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Land Finding Service

To help prospective clients find the land they need, we offer a Land Finding & Introduction service - with a difference:

Free Details & Downloads

All information, including indicative residual valuations in some cases, is provided FREE of charge.

No Fees to Vendors

We DO NOT charge site owners for selling their land.

We do charge them for any professional work they ask us to do in preparing the site for sale, eg:

  • Surveys
  • Obtaining Documents
  • Producing Plans
  • Securing Planning Permissions
  • etc...

Progressive Fees to Buyers

If you buy the site and order:

  • A professional service
  • Timber Frame Kit
  • Variable Turnkey Service

from a Benfield ATT Group Company, we reimburse a progressive amount of the finders fee (usually 2% with minimum £1,500), up to 100%.

If you or an associate acquires the land or property, but do not engage us, you pay the FULL finders fee involved.


If you pass the details to someone else who buys the land or property, you still pay the fee.

Your Land & Related Requirements

In order to access and download land and property details from our site you need to register your requirements using our Registration Form. We will then send you:

  • Login details which will allow you to access the details of all land and property available
  • FREE updates on anything that becomes available
  • Detailed information, Site Plans, Architectural Drawings and Planning Documents available.

If you have retained us to find for, or introduce land to, you, you can also call on us for informal advice on anything related to the development of the site, including your development ideas, and costs involved.

** Please see our Land Finding Service Terms & Conditions. You must agree to these before gaining access to the land and property details on our site.


Property / Land Plots Currently Available:

Bristol 11 Cornwall 0 Devon 11 Somerset 15 Wiltshire 2 Gloucestershire 5
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