Avoid the pain of winter work travel

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We all know how the UK grinds to a halt when it snows. Roads become impassable. Pavements become ice rinks. The economy suffers due to staff being unable to get into work.

However this doesn’t need to happen year after year.

Enjoy the snow …

…whilst also managing to work effectively

By working from home in one of our Regal Home offices you can do both. Or create your own home office using our timber-frame post and beam construction method - SolidLox.

Low Cost Standard Kits

Our Regal Home offices are a selection of standard kits for your everyday home working needs. They are fully insulated which helps keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. They can also be extended to accommodate any size business; big or small we have the office for you.

Guaranteed to Last

Regal Home offices are also benefit from a 20 year lifespan and a 5 year structural warranty.

A full description of benefits and prices can be found on Regal Home offices website and a full list of specifications can be found here.

Something Different

Not looking for a standard kit?

Want something with a more personal touch?

Then we have you covered with our post and beam brand – SolidLox.

Total Flexibility

SolidLox allows you complete flexibility to create the home office you want out of solid timber. We can help you design and create your own highly desirable, exceptionally convenient, financially affordable and economically effective home based office rooms and suites.

Unique Building Process

The unique SolidLox building process can allow you to build limiting, if not avoiding, the need to get planning permission. Also, because of its innovative modular connections you can have your home office erected extremely quickly.

Make Work a Pleasure

Don’t lose any more holidays to the snow and spend more time with your family while also being productive and in contact with work. Visit SolidLox, call our team on 01291 437050 or email us on with your designs and plans and we’ll help get your bespoke dream home office up and running.

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