Loft Conversions

Most people have a romantic view of their attics, from the cobwebbed rafters to the boxes upon boxes of long-forgotten memories. But for the majority of homes, the loft is just a wasted space, with the average household visiting their loft between one and two times per year...

Benfield ATT are experts at designing, engineering, producing and fitting Roof Room loft conversions, even when trussed rafters are involved. We can do this because we have full on-site Technical and Engineering teams who can work with you to design a roof structure with few or no internal diagonal members.

Cost Effective, and National
Loft conversions are not a simple process but can be extremely cost-effective and, with the right builder, can be a very rewarding process. With building space at such a premium, Benfield ATT Roof Rooms are an increasingly popular choice, offering significantly reduced building costs per square metre. With a little help from Benfield ATT, you can transform your dusty, unused loft into a wonderful and spacious living area, study, a space for older children to relax away from their parents or a spare room, perhaps with an extra bathroom, Velux-style windows and a staircase.

A Benfield ATT Roof Room conversion will transform loft space into one or more useful rooms and is likely to increase the value of your home by about 24% and provide between 30-60% extra floor space. Benfield ATT have a national coverage through our network of quality Chartered Builders throughout the UK.

Planning Permission
Planning Permission is not typically required for Roof Room conversions but we recommend you contact your local planning office in the first instance. However, in the interests of good design and privacy, dormer (extruding) windows should normally be confined to the rear, be set in a minimum of 1 metre from the main wall of the dwelling and should not exceed the height of the existing roof.

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