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Circular Crèche Takes shape in Milton Keynes

Providing Solutions for the construction of unusual and difficult buildings is second nature to timber engineers Benfield ATT. This circular crèche for Niftylift, international manufacturers of Cherry Pickers, Access Platforms and Work Platforms is no exception.

Designed by Q2 Architects of Towcester, WS Project

Consulting asked Benfield ATT to create an appropriate structure from the concept design, all to be supported by a single, central pole, with ‘Cartwheel Spokes’ radiating to the underside of the roof. Clad in board on board cedar, it will have a cedar shingle roof and a central zinc ‘cone’ for services and extraction. The building is on target for completion in late Autumn 2016. The Benfield ATT Group also designs and manufactures specialist components, like traditional green oak roof trusses and its own proprietary brand of traditional style post and beam carports and garages, including raised eaves and room in roof versions for home offices and granny flats.



Benfield ATT is the successor to Advanced Timber Technologies. Until 2003 they were technical designers and manufacturers for Scandia Hus, using highly energy efficient Scandinavian timber engineering knowledge and techniques. Improvements on these are applied in their current designs, which include the UK’s first Amphibious House, as featured on Grand Designs. Chaired by Professor Dr. Michael Benfield, the Benfield ATT Group is widely recognised for its ability to provide technical solutions for the design and build of many unique architectural projects.

Further Information & Images – Marianne Bowen, [email protected], 01291 437 050

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