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Wall Panels

As you know, Benfield ATT work to customer requirements and as such, there are very few standard details...every project is unique! In an attempt to simplify the complex engineering requirements, we endeavour to follow these certain rules...

Wall Panels

  • Typically designed in width multiples of 300mm (600/900/1200 etc)
  • Usually have a standard height of 2375mm, not including sole plate or binder plate.
  • Corner panels are fitted with turnstuds.
  • Where panels intersect, ladders are to be used, not turnstuds.


Window & Door Panels

  • Always fitted with lintels - size specified by the engineer.
  • Anything under 1800mm wide needs to be fitted with single cripple studs
  • Anything over 1800mm wide needs to be fitted with double cripple studs
  • At the forefront of sustainable development, Benfield ATT endeavour to use timber lintels, but engineers may specify steel lintels.


Gable Wall Panels

  • Gable panels sit underneath gable ladder to run inline with the roof.
  • These may need to be notched for purlins or wall ridge beams.



Typical externally sheathed wall with brick cladding



Junction of party wall with external wall



Loadbearing wall panel drawing



Typical sole plate fixing to concrete slab / edge beam. Using nails (also suitable for nailable bricks).