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Roof Styles

Benfield ATT can produce individual timber building components including engineered Trussed Rafters (roof trusses). Every Trussed Rafter project we undertake has individually designed and engineered timber trusses and roof design for snowloads, wind and rainfall per specific area.

For a free Trussed Rafter estimate, please Contact Us.

Attic Trusses

Bobtail Trusses

Cantilever Trusses

Double 'W' Trusses

Fan Trusses

Fink Trusses

Flat Top Trusses

Howe Trusses

King Post Trusses

Queen Post Trusses

Mono Trusses

Mono Trusses

Mono Trusses

Parallel Trusses

Raised Tie Truss

Scissor Trusses