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Benfield ATT can design and engineer any timber structure and incorporate your specified flooring components. Typically I-Beams, solid joist floors or cassette flooring, Benfield ATT can design for almost any floor/gallery/split-level as required.

Intermediate floors

  • Joists at either 600 or 400 centres
  • Joists are doubled-up where there are loadbearing walls above
  • Depth of chipboard decking is 22mm or 18mm deep
  • Depth of joists is dependant on number of floors above; engineering specific



  • Useful for anything of over 3 floors
  • Prefabricated in factory


These illustrations, supplied by TRADA, are typical solutions to the design of platform timber frame, reflecting good practice at the time of sourcing. However they may not incorporate the specific requirements of organisations such as warranty bodies and guarantee authorities and it is not intended to provide a single prescriptive solution for timber frame design. These are not intended for use as detailed design working drawings.



Intermediate floor: Typical components.



Intermediate floor: Typical components.



Typical detail where loadbearing walls are located both above and below intermediate floor.Note: Detail shows joists at right angles to walls. Where joists are parallel, full depth blockings are replaced by two joists or a single joist and noggings to support the ceiling and floor deck.



Cantilevered floor at external corner.