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Spec and Planning Info

Spec & Planning Info

Specification can be suited for all locations. All lodges are bolted or screw fixed together allowing for their removal and relocation if required. Integral insulated ground floor joist frame is capable of carrying office loading as well as domestic.

Uneven foundations pose no problem, as mini stilts can be site-cut to suit any level irregularities. All structural timber if fully treated - full specification of treatments available from your local distributor.

Your Choice
All lodges can be purchased as a "structure only" with full insulation.


Building Regulations
Benfield ATT's unique range of Garden & Leisure Lodges have been designed to meet and exceed current building regulations, to provide you with a building that you can use all year round; whatever the weather or use.
There are typically, two types of build that we offer, although these can be broken down by unit in a personal estimate, if required. Please see our Lodge Design Examples, for inspiration.

  • Full Loose Kit (to enable UK Building Regulations for Permanent Residential Use) Includes one Sales visit and delivery of; Basic Pack; Reinforced 600mm paving slab foundation pads for frame posts, timber frame (100mm posts as standard, 140mm if two-storey, 200mm x 100mm beams), open cell wall panels (38mm x 89mm frame, 9mm OSB sheathing), sarked roof, frame and roof wrap, log-lap sidings, pre-glazed timber doors and windows, floor joists to suit open span, bitumen fibreboard inserts to ground floor, 22mm OSB floor sheathing, open decking with balustrade where applicable. Finishing Pack; Benfield ATT recycled rubber roof slates with 12.5mm x 25mm battens, fascia and barge board as applicable, Benfield ATT Rainhandler eaves rain distributor, Benfield ATT IsoWool insulation (100mm walls and roof, 200mm ground floor - can be fitted before floor sheathing), 12.5mm tapered edge plasterboard dry lining for walls and ceilings, dry lining tape and plaster joint compound, beech laminated floor, softwood skirting, architrave and window boards. Benfield ATT Wood Treatment specially-selected liquid treatment for brush or roller application to external woodwork.

  • Completed Build (erected to UK Building Regulations and International Quality Standards) Includes above, plus one Site Services visit; Erection; Assumes near-level site and clear road access with scaffolding provided by customer. Setting out, levelling small areas for ground post pads, erecting and cladding frame, fitting joists and fibreboard, laying floor sheathing, fitting doors and windows, fitting floor deck and balustrade. Second-Fixing Pack; Fix all finishing pack items as appropriate. Electrical, plumbing and decorating works may be able to be provided - please contact us for details if this is offered in your area.

Technical Specification

Main support posts and beams are constructed from large section Glulams. Their "chunky" size has been chosen for their aesthetics, but a spin off from this is their massive inherent strength and durability. Ground floor joist frame has been designed to offer a fully rigid floor with little deflection; this is accomplished by using deep-sectioned timbers at close centres.

All designs are based on a structural post and beam frame with non load bearing infill panels. This system allows maximum design flexibility as any of the external walling panels can easily be removed to allow future extensions to be undertaken without major structural alterations taking place.


All single storey designs have exposed rafters and main beams reflecting the style and purpose of the design.


Please read this specification in conjunction with main brochure information. Note - Where supply items form part of the "Optional Internal Finishing Pack" they have been noted such. This information is for guidance only, and should be treated as typical information, however, each individually-designed Leisure Lodge will have it's own specification.


Ground Floor

  • Impregnated Large section Glulam posts and beams with unique "Benfield Clik-Fix" instant jointing system for all primary structural components.
  • Primary and secondary floor beams and joists at close centres for maximum strength and minimum deflection.
  • 2mm tongue and grooved V313 grade flooring with glue and screw fixings.
  • Rigid insulation spanning between floor joists. (Optional Internal Finishing Pack).
  • Structural Post Shoes


Factory-Fabricated External Walling Panels

  • Pre assembled panels manufactured with impregnated structural grade timber studwork with external impregnated interlocking timber cladding. (Choice of log lap or feather edged boarding).
  • Rigid insulation factory fitted between studwork VCL. (Optional Internal Finishing Pack).
  • 12.5mm moisture resistant plasterboard and fixing screws for external wall panels. (Optional Internal Finishing Pack).
  • Note! Plasterboard has been designed to lay horizontally between main structural columns to avoid the need for dry lining, as the main central joint will benefit from having a timber dado rail cover strip.
  • Profiled timber skirting board and fixings. (Optional Internal Finishing Pack).
  • Profiled timber dado rail and fixings. (Optional Internal Finishing Pack.)


Roof / Ceilings and Gable Ends

  • Exposed treated structural framing for all roof components. Main roof is sarked using slatted timber boarding in traditional "barn style" manner. This boarding is visible externally under the eaves and overhangs, and will be visible internally if the optional internal finishing pack is not installed.
  • Roof sarking board is supplied with a breathable and fully waterproof membrane, which is site fixed. Counter battens are then fixed vertically at 600mm centres to hold the membrane in place and to support the tiling battens.
  • All rafters are exposed on the eaves line and have aesthetically profiled ends.
  • Gables have factory machined impregnated timber barge boards.
  • Rigid insulation site fitted between structural roof rafters. (Optional Finishing Pack).
  • 500g vapour control layer (VCL) with staples and staple gun. (Optional Finishing Pack).
  • Tongue and grooved pine boarding with fixings. (Optional Finishing Pack.)


Site / Factory-Fabricated Internal Non Load bearing Walls

  • All internal walls are designed as non-load bearing. This enables the location and design of the internal wall layout to be completely flexible as no element of the structure relies upon them for support.
  • Internal non-load bearing walls are site constructed using the materials supplied. Comprising, impregnated timber studs, fixings, etc.
  • Acoustic insulation. (Optional Finishing Pack).
  • 12.5mm moisture resistant taper edged plasterboard and screw fixings. (Optional Finishing Pack).
  • Profiled timber skirting board and fixings. (Optional Internal Finishing Pack).
  • Profiled timber dado rail and fixings. (Optional Internal Finishing Pack.)


Staircases (Two storey designs only)

  • All staircases are constructed in accordance with the building regulations. Staircases are formed from Parana Pine strings, treads, square balusters and nosing. MDF winders and pine faced risers. Handrails and newels formed from Hemlock.


Two Storey First Floor Ceiling and Floor

  • Main structure as before described.
  • 22mm tongue and grooved V313 grade flooring with glue and screw fixings.
  • Acoustic insulation. (Optional Internal Finishing Pack).
  • Tongue and grooved pine boarding with fixings. (Optional Finishing Pack.)



Planning Information for Lodges
These notes are intended to assist you to understand the requirements and consequences of planning permissions for our lodges, and are not comprehensive. For more info on Planning Aplications visit the Planning Section at timbertec.co.uk

In general, new buildings and extensions require planning permission. This is intended to ensure that the right buildings are built in the right places and do not offend anyone. Your local authority administers this process. A planning application will usually take 8 to 12 weeks and, being Chartered Building Consultants, we can advise on technicalities.


In some instances, providing the building does not exceed certain heights and sizes and conforms to other constraints, it may fall into the category of Permitted Development and may not require planning permission. Our smaller design examples will typically fall into this category. For guidance, a few key points are that these should be behind the building line, below 4 metres in height with a pitched roof, and have a maximum of 115 cubic metres.


Home Offices
If you are VAT registered and your Garden Lodge is used wholly for business purposes, you may be able to claim all the VAT back.


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