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Through our hands-on approach and in-depth knowledge and understanding of the landscape construction process, we plan and manage each project from conception to documentation.

Benfield ATT Landscape Services to Self-Builders, Industry and Developers

As an independant advisor, we liase on the client's behalf with Consultants, Builders and Suppliers ensuring compliance with the spirit and intent of the project.

Constant monitoring of cost, quality and time are integral to each stage to achieve the most economical and efficient solution to fulfil the needs of every client.

A complete range of services are provided for all projects, listed under the following stages:


Pre-Design Services

  • Initial consultation with client
  • Preperation of detailed brief
  • Assisting client in site selection for various applications
  • Survey and analysis of existing conditions relating to the site
  • Site analysis in relation to plant selection
  • Existing site drawings and preparation for measured drawings


Landscape 2 - Developers, Designers, Garden Design

Benfield ATT Garden Design


Schematic Design Services

  • Master planning for overall development of the site
  • Conceptual design service
  • Coordination and integration of the consultant' services where applicable
  • Cost estimates
  • Presentations of first sketches to the client


Design Development

  • Landscape architectural services including development/expansion of schematic design
  • Coordination and integration of consultants' services where applicable
  • Research into special materials and construction methods
  • Documentation of construction requirements
  • Written specifications with detailed descriptions of workmanship, materials and schedules
  • Presentation of final plans
  • Cost analysis
  • Discussions and meeting to achieve an acceptable contract package with preferred landscaping tenderer


Completion Care

On completion of construction we'll discuss methods to care for and maintain your landscape. A maintenance programme can be recommended to enhance your investment.