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Project Management

Increasingly all build projects 'large or small' - need to implement professional Project Management techniques and skills to keep their projects on track, and within budget.

Design and Build project management for timberframe building

State-of-the-Art Project Management

Project Management provides a structure for bringing client control over the complexities of managing build projects, development or construction. Our Site/Project Manager acts on behalf of the client and is typically responsible for controlling and coordinating the whole process for providing a watertight structure; from inception to completion. A Project Manager can bring significant advantages to the client from increased efficiency, experience, communication, economy and successful completion.

Benfield ATT use state-of the-art project management software to coordinate each of our Design & Build projects. These offer you, and ourselves, an automatic overview of where your project is at any one stage, including preliminary drawings, design, engineering, manufacture, collation, when your site work is complete, the payment stages and sitework.

Cost, Time & Quality Management

These are the three key criteria that detirmine the successful delivery of a project. The Project Manager will devise procedures to establish baseline costs, programme and specifications against which performance can be monitored and corrective action taken to keep the project on-track.

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