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Wherever you are in the world, whatever your building needs might be, one of the great things about choosing a Benfield Advanced Timber Technology product is that you know it will be designed, engineered and manufactured to the highest possible standards of quality, environmental sustainability, structural strength and stability and superior levels of comfort.

Furthermore, if you need help with the construction, we can provide this - from foundations and frame erection, to a completed 'turn-key' project, as the cameos on this page illustrate.

Additionally, if you need us to look after all the export logistics and export documentation of shipping and inland freight, you can rest assured that you can place these in competent and experienced hands.


The delightful Channel Island of Guernsey, close to the French coast and in 'rock infested' waters, is a beautiful holiday and retirement destination for those that can afford it.

No small wonder, then, that those with discerning tastes for beauty, scenery, views and great value for money should choose our carefully engineered buildings to get the most from their locations while securing maximum comfort and efficiency from not only buying the complete home kits from us, but also engaging our contract services department to ship, deliver and erect the complete buildings.

Timber Frame buildings in kit form for export

Benfield ATT Timber Frame House Kit - Paletised and Ready for Export

The Island of Sark (Channel Islands)

We designed, manufactured and delivered a unique school and community centre complex to the small Channel Island of Sark.

Anyone who knows this haven of peace and tranquillity will readily appreciate the difficulties involved. The island has only a small harbour and no roads! This faced our designers and project planners with more than a few head scratching difficulties. But they were able to overcome them all, from designing the buildings in appropriate sized sections, to working with local farmers to use farm tractors and trailers to unload and deliver the building kits to site, intact and on time.

The Falkland Islands

When it comes to designing and manufacturing 'flat-pack' buildings for packing into containers and then shipping by deep ocean freight to the other side of the world, then our experience is second to non. Here you see large scale, but still manhandle-able, panels being prepared in our factory for delivery to our housing project in the Falkland Islands after the war with Argentina in the mid 1990's.

Highlands & Islands of the EU

You'll find our houses, Leisure Lodges and other buildings in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland, the Isle of Man and, of course, Ireland. The French, Spanish and Portuguese have also shown something of a penchant for our quality, environmentally sensitive designs, craftsmanship, exceptional service and - of course - value for money.

Middle East

Precision engineered, earthquake resitant Timber-Frame buildings and other structures are perhaps even more relvant to hot climates than they are for extremely cold environments. Their superior insulation qualities, stability, and avoidance of 'wet trade' concrete, block and brick procedures that need huge amounts of water for building and tend to shrink and crack when they are drying out - particularly in severely hot countries - means that they are extremely well suited for a wide range of buildings in the middle east and similar countries.

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