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Metal Web Joists

To overcome on-site skill shortages and service run issues, many builders are turning to metal-web truss-joists to avoid the risk of holes and notches being cut in timber joists or 'I' beams. Such actions can severely weaken floors and may even cause them to be condemned before building works are completed.


Manufactured in a similar way to roof trusses, top and bottom cords of stress graded timber are connected by metal web plates to form extremely strong girders that can span wide openings.



Metal webbed floor joists are formed from a timber top and bottom rail, with metal pressed ‘V’ webs between. The large open web design provides easy access for all electrical and mechanical services. Metal Web Joists eliminate problems with floor members twisting or bowing, leading to the inevitable squeaky floor. The beams are environmentally friendly, utilising much less timber from much smaller trees, and there is no site wastage.


Site installation times are greatly reduced, as the floors are made to measure. The strong back replaces the traditional herringbone strutting. The beams are much lighter than solid timber, and span further. This has implications in floor designs, possibly removing the need for internal load-bearing walls.


Metal Web Floor Joists by Benfield ATT


Metal Web Joists are designed to be compatible with timber joist sections, to ensure they are easily integrated into standard construction (typically 219mm deep). They also form an integral part of the timber framed buildings we supply, enabling us to provide a totally engineered solution.


Not only do these carefully engineered components increase architectural design freedom for internal room layouts, they also provide plenty of clear space between ceilings and floors for service runs, e.g. plumbing, electricity, telephone, heating ducts, etc.


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