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Trussed Rafters

Our Roof Designers have a wealth of experience, complimented by our structural engineers and specialist trussed rafter manufacturing facility.


Consequently, we are in an ideal position to assist you to achieve affordable solutions for your designs - no matter how unusual, advanced, or difficult - including trussed-rafter timber-erection...

Your Roof Trusses

Simply provide us with a brief sketch or description of what is being considered, including alternatives, and we will do the rest. The whole roof is designed and specified using state-of -art computer aided technology supplied by Wolf Systems. We can also arrange for one of our specialists to visit and advise you.


Benfield ATT Trussed Rafters with UK-Wide Delivery

Timber Rafters

Benfield Advanced Timber Technologies design, manufacture and erect (supply and fit) structural timber engineered trussed rafters, roof trusses, bolted trusses, loft attic trusses, roof beams and a range of specialist engineered timber components for all types of building.

Our rooftrusses address all roofing requirements across the UK and our roof designs embrace cut rafters as well as trusses, or trussed rafters, for attics and lofts, including conversions. We use the most technologically advanced materials in the construction of our timber roof structure designs. These include kerto, glulams, and other timber composites to deliver the strongest, most effective timber engineered structure at the most economical manner.


In practice all roofs and trusses are individually designed, engineered and manufactured by us - often in conjunction with a timber frame for your construction - to give you the strongest possible timber structure design at the most cost effective price. However unusual, however specialist, however difficult your requirements for roof rafters are, contact us with details for a no obligation consultation.

Specialist Roof Truss Timber

The UK's First FSC-Trussed Rafters, manufactured by Benfield ATT

Kiln dried, stress graded timber is used in all our trusses to comply with current European & British Standards.

Because we manufacture to your specification, you can also choose kerto, glulams and other wood composites for specialist and unique Trussed Rafter projects throughout the UK.

FSC Trusses

Benfield ATT FSC-Certified Engineered Timber Structures come complete with Trussed Rafters sourced from high-quality, pressure-impregnated and stress-graded TR-26 or TR-30 FSC-Certified Timber…this is not currently offered by any other manufacturer in the UK.


Truss & Roof Design

We design all our trussed rafters in accordance with BS 5268: Part 3, the current recognised Code of Practice, and the relevant Building Regulations. All our roof trusses are manufactured in accordance with BSEN 1059. To see a range of standard truss styles please click here.

Trussed Rafter Spans

Using 35mm timber our standard rafters can be designed up to 11 metres span, and 15 metres in 47mm timber. Spans in excess of these can be designed but are often supplied as multiple rafters fixed together.


It is more economical to standardise the range of pitches between 15 and 40 degrees, however, trusses may be supplied outside this range. Care should be taken when specifying because deflection problems may arise with such things as very shallow pitches

Eaves Overhangs

We can supply any overhang to suit the customer's requirements, although it should be noted that very large overhangs may cause the rafters to be uneconomical.

Truss Spacing

Trussed rafters are usually spaced at 600 mm to take advantage of the greater economies they offer, but where heavier loads need to be supported they are often positioned at 400 mm and 450 mm

Timber Truss Preservation

While Copper Chrome and similar treatments are not recommended for use with truss rafters, one of the non-corrosive spirit based organic solvents, or the new waterborne solutions may be used as a treatment if required.

Nail Plates

We are proud to be a specialist Wolf truss nail plate user and recommends Wolf 100 nailpplates. These are precision punched 1mm gauge metal plates with integral teeth, manufactured from structural grade galvanised mild steel to BS 10147 Fe E 220 G275.

These nail plates carry a 60 year performance warranty, covered by British Agrément Certificate No 89 / 2290.



Did you Know?
Where spliced timber joints are required we use Wolf 125 - 1.25 mm galvanised steel nailpates. Where construction requires heavier timbers, we import and use 1.5 mm gauge nailplates with longer teeth from Austria.



These heavier gauge nailplates are supplied in predetermined sizes. Wolf 15N are galvanised; Wolf 15NE are stainless steel for specific applications only.

Free Technical Truss Rafter Manual

For more detailed information about our Timber Rafter options, please fill in the enquiry form and request a free Roof Room Technical Brochure, supplied by TRADA.


Trussed Rafter Manufacture Quality Control

Benfield ATT monitors and controls the quality of all products and manufacturing processes in accordance with ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System for Design, Engineering, Manufacture & Erection, direct from the Truss Manufacturers and Suppliers - nationally!