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The Wood Shop

An excellent and exclusive on-line Timber Consultancy and Supplier Directory, Benfield ATT are pleased to be Supplier Members of The Wood Shop.biz.

The Wood Shop Directory addresses the frustrations often experienced with other internet based directories. The Wood Shop Directory is operated by a timber consultancy, and they have a working knowledge of the products and companies that are promoted through the Directory.

With industry experience of timber consultancy and product certification, The Wood Shop is well placed to ensure that only those companies whose products and service are deemed to be of a high quality, are included in the Directory.

  • Entries are quick to find (relevant pages often found directly by the Search Engines), up to date, and comprehensive, allowing the user to learn a little about the supplier straight away, then phone or email a real person, or visit the supplier's website for further information.
  • No passwords, logins, pop-ups etc. And to encourage visitors, we have always believed it should be FREE to use!
  • Not only can users save time in the sourcing of quality wood products, allowing them to concentrate on other aspects of their project, they can also have peace of mind in the knowledge that both the suppliers and products shown have been independently assessed.


Visit www.thewoodshop.biz