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The Construction Productivity Network's (CPN) mission is to deliver leading-edge thinking and improvement opportunities to the construction industry.

After 10 years of sharing best practice, the CPN offers a unique opportunity for construction companies, clients, designers, suppliers, and research bodies to learn from each other's experiences. It is a vital resource for any company or individual wanting to grow and improve.

Including Benfield ATT, their Membership levels stand at around 165 organisations that between them represent in the excess of one third of the construction industry's turnover of £80 billion.

CPN works primarily through some 30 focused workshops held around the UK covering a range of different management issues. CPN members attend these workshops for free and a workshop report is circulated, highlighting the key learning points and details of the presentations and discussion.

CPN is managed by CIRIA and operates in partnership with Constructing Excellence.

Issues addressed:

  • benchmarking
  • risk and value management
  • partnering
  • whole life costing
  • IT in construction
  • supply chain management