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Lifetime costing for Timber frame buildings

According to the UK Timber Frame Association, on average a typical 'wet build' concrete, brick and block house may have 4,000 gallons of water built into it. Some people think it is much more than this, although according to BBC's 'Watchdog' programme it is at least 1,000 to 1,500 gallons.

Logs - BBC

Image courtesey of BBC News

Above the foundations, a timber framed house has virtually no added water. Designed correctly from the outset, timberframing leaves out all that water. This means that the owners and occupiers of a timber frame structure, including timber framed additions to their main property, face less drying out, less shrinkage, less differential movement, less making good, and less redecoration than a 'wet build' structure. They also enjoy a much more comfortable home, with considerably lower overall maintenance costs.

The NHBC (National House Building Council) records show that houses built using timber-framing technology suffer fewer problems than homes built using other methods of construction.

Benfield ATT believe that the high standards employed by self-builders, home extenders, developers and organisations responsible for Social Housing means that they have the most to gain from timber frame construction. Not only do we all share the same longer-term view of the building’s lifetime, ensuring inhabitants benefit from low running costs and simple maintenance but they also have a keen eye on the environmental implications of their purchasing decisions. All of these objectives are met by Benfield ATT's bespoke timber frame.

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