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What is a Mission

Benfield ATT believe that our Mission Statement has the power to guide our organisation and give us the strategic advantage of differentiation...

Mission Statements should say 'we're not here to simply make money. We're here because we believe there's something we can contribute to the world by doing business the way we do it'...

We believe it is more important to know where we are than where we are going, as where we are will change as the world around us changes. Products become obsolete, markets change, new technologies emerge and management fads come and go. But core idealogy in a great company such as Benfield ATT endures as a source of guidance and inspiration.

When it comes to attracting, keeping and making teams out of talented people, we are aware that money alone won't do it. Talented people want to be a part of something that they can believe in, something that confers meaning on their work and lives - something which involves a mission.