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This budget estimate is provided to help you with your project costings and to decide what type of engineered frame to choose. The
computerised programme uses a number of algorithms to approximate the brief information entered about your project as full pricing
information. It only requires you to calculate areas and enter other basic information about your building.
You must complete a separate sheet for each building design, but you can try as many variations of type, size, external wall, roof, shape,
as you wish For guidance, brief details about Building Regulation requirements and specifications are given below.
When you have finalised your drawings and specification we will be delighted to give you a formal, detailed price.
Instructions for use
Simply enter information from your plans in the boxes below (replace 0 with 1 to signify selection or with numbers where appropriate)
Approximate mileage of site from Bristol = Number of identical buildings = FSC Timber
Your Position Project Type Build Shape Roof Type Roof Angle No /window/drs No /Roof lights Total areas sq m
Architect Extension Square Gable end Flat 1 & 2 pane single (See notes
Extender Det House Rectangle Hip end < 15 deg 3 pane double below)
Self-Builder* SD/Ter Ho L' or 'T' Mansard 16-30 deg 4 pane No /Dormers Ground Fl
Contractor Flats U' or 'H' Hip & Gable 31-45 deg Patio/French single Upper floors
H. Builder Other Other Warm roof Flat ceiling Ext. doors double Joist area
Cold roof Attic ceiling Int. doors treble+ All roofs
External wall type required Panel 150 Panel 210 220 I-Beam Twin Wall 260 SIP 145
see outline specifications below
Ave wall height Up ro 2.4m 2.4 to 2.7m 2.7 - 3.0m 3.0 - 3.6m 3.6 - 4.8n Joist centres
Delivery - collect ex-works Deliver UK Deliver month 400mm
Now add your details (needed to identify your project and site and address your estimate to you)
Project name Site location
Your full name
Company / Org Telephone
Addrfess 1 Mobile
Address 2 e-mail
Town / City
County Country Post Code
Now click on the ‘next’ button below to read and print your estimate.
NB: UK Builkding Regulations now require that a residential building must meet the following requirements:-
Insulation 'U' values:- Ground floor = 0.22, external walls = 0.30, roof = 0.20
Airtightness of building envelope to allow no more than 10 air changes per hour depending on SAP results
Outline Specifications for the engineered timber frame structure choices available above are:-
(PF = Panel Frame, 'I' = I-beam, TW = Twin Wall, SIP = Strucutral Insulated Panel, FSC = Forestry Stewardship Council timber)
PF 150 Open cell external wall 38x140 stud, 9mm OSB sheathing, breather membrane. 1 sole plate, 1 head binder - 'U'-value per insulation used
PF 210 As for PF 150, but with 45x200 studs
PF 220-i As for PF 150, but with 220 I-beam studs. Generally used with "Warmcell" recycled cellulose insulation
PF 260 TW As for PF 220-i, external & inner leaves 38x89 studs with sheathing to external only,set to give overall 260 thick wall.
SIP 140 Structural Insulated Panel of 120mm rigid insulation between rwo 12mm OSB panels, external breather paper
FSC Full FSC Chain of Custody Certified frame (BEWARE - just using FSC timber DOES NOT provide certification)
Joists Joist frames are 45x220 solid timber. Rim beams and blockings as appropriate, plus 22mm Caberdeck or similar floor deck
Roofs All roofs use either engineered trusses or 38x100 cut rafters as considered most appropriate. Sarking, Trim & Insulation are extra
Sq m areas Measure all on plan. Split into rectangles (area = width x length) and triangles (area = 1/2 width x length). Enter total (1sq m = 10.764 sq ft)
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