This House Building Cost Ready Reckoner only considers the cost of materials and components that you may need, or choose, for your house extension or new home. Unfortunately there is no similar tool to give you a land cost guide.

If you are extending an existing building this may not be a major concern - you are effectively using 'free' land (or airspace). But if you have still to find and buy a building plot it could be really significant.

Land costs vary according to region, local area, specific location, and the type and size of house that you can get planning permission for. House Builders and Developers reckon that the cost of an 'oven ready' house building plot can vary between 1/3rd and 2/3rds of the total value of the finished project - more for special locations or circumstances.

However, you might pick up some guidance on building plot prices from those listed for sale in different parts of the country by our property division, Woodhouse Associates. Then, if you'd like to talk about this most important factor, give us a call.