SIPS Panels

Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) represent a fast, simple and cost-effective alternative to 'wet' build construction. The most popular form of SIP is Open-Cell Insulated Timber Frame Panel.

Types of Structural Insulated Panel (SIP):

  • Flexi-SIPs

    Open-cell insulated timber frame panel system with factory-fitted dry insulation - the UK's most popular.

  • Mineral Fibre SIPs

    Closed-cell sandwich metal or timber panel system with an injected rigid mineral fibre core insulation.

  • Foam Glass SIP's

    Closed-cell metal sandwich panel system with an injected foam glass insulation.


Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) - Fire Rated by Benfield ATT

A typical SIP Sandwich make-up

In our view, the open-cell timber frame panel system is the UK's fastest-growing method of construction for many reasons, and could be seen as a far superior alternative to Sandwich Panels (what is typically known as a SIP).

Benfield ATT's Flexi-SIP system (based on the most popular Open-Cell Insulated Timber Frame Panel technology) has been seen by many as being superior to sandwich panel SIP systems, including recieving the following feedback:

  • Increased design flexibility
  • Save money
  • Less problems on site
  • Easier installation
  • Completely 'dry' system
  • Has been pre-tested to up to 6 Storeys
  • Flexible acoustic and energy options
  • Enhanced durability (with a 60-Year Structural Warranty)
  • Carbon-neutral to the point of our factory gate
  • Easy installation of plasterboard and service ducts
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