The 8 Myths of Sustainable Building

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8 Myths of Sustainable Buildings

Back in 2014, in an article for Construction Manager, Katie Puckett identified eight examples of low carbon theory not quite matching the evidence.

8 Myths of Sustainability


Covering Low Carbon, Energy Bills, Design Features, The Performance Gap, School Loos, Rainwater Harvesting, Air Source Heat Pumps, Passivhaus, and Heat Retention, here are just 4 selected examples:
  • Low carbon ≠ low running costs
    Don’t confuse carbon reduction with energy saving, or low heating costs they’re not necessarily the same!
  • High tech ≠ High Efficiency
    Bolt-on high tech solutions aren’t always the answer – they can be difficult to manage for maximum efficiency.
  • Theory ≠ Practice
    Buildings don’t always perform as predicted!
  • Well-insulated ≠ Comfortable
    Humans have a comfort zone, and too warm can be just as uncomfortable as too cold!

If, like us, you are watching out for wrong turns and dead ends, you may find the full article worth reading.

If your D&B aspirations include comfort and cost effectiveness as well as carbon footprint, give us a call.

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