Profitable Places

Profitable Places
We’ve selected this short booklet from the Landscape Institute to help you understand why...

Investment in a high-quality landscape pays dividends - customers will pay more for it

This on screen or downloadable PDF booklet uses 5 case studies to illustrate how landscape has informed new development location, layout & design to great effect.

Adding Value to Housing

Housing is high on the political agenda. Population projections show that we need 230,000 new homes each year. However, in 2011/12 only 128,160 new homes were built, while affordable housing saw a 68% fall compared with the previous year
Profitable Places

The need for new housing has never been greater

Landscape thinking delivers good places – and good places are profitable places for all.
  • Noel Farrer, President, Landscape Institute, and Director, Farrer Huxley Associates
  • James Lord, Chair, Landscape Institute Policy Committee Housing Working Group
Lead with the landscape
  • Tony Pidgley CBE, Chairman, The Berkeley Group
Landscape is the primary infrastructure and ordinary buildings are the ones that deserve more attention.
  • Sir Terry Farrell, Farrell Review of Architecture and the Built Environment, 2014
Successful housing development requires that landscape context and character are part of the planning, design and management process – especially when it includes planting more trees.

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