What if Building Regs Application Refused

If your plans do not comply, you will be given a Refusal Notice. The reasons for rejection will be stated. This gives you a choice to put things right and resubmit. The refusal will not go on record (unlike a planning rejection) and resubmission is at no extra charge.

If you do not accept that refusal is justified, you can seek a dispensation from the local authority. If you are still refused consent, you can seek a determination from the Secretary of State, speak to your Building Inspector for details.

Legally you can start work before an approval notice has been issued, as long as you give local authority notice of at least two clear working days. However, you must be mindful that should your application not be approved, the local authority has the right to remove/pull down any work you have carried out up to that point.

It is illegal to commence building work without giving any notice to the local authority. If you fail to give notice, you are liable to a fine of £5,000, plus £50 for each day you continue to offend.

On issue of an approval notice the local authority will also send a set of inspection request forms, which state the various stages of construction at which a Building Inspector will want to carry out inspections (see table of typical inspection stages for a new dwelling). The notice required prior to inspection will also be specified.

Note: Inspection requirements will vary with each local authority.

An inspector will visit the site at each stage to ensure works are proceeding to a satisfactory standard. If they feel in any way that they are not, they have the power to make you correct the situation. If you fail to co-operate you are liable for prosecution and costs.

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