'Oven Ready' Housing Land

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New Land Finding Service

More and more people are asking for our help to find the land that they need for their new Self Build, or next Housing Development.

In response, the Benfield ATT Group has developed a new Land Finding Service to do just that.

Whether you are a Builder, Developer, Investor, or Self Builder, this special facility has been created to help you find the land or individual building plot you are looking for.

And in many cases the sites we are finding for you are available “Oven Ready”, i.e. they already have outline or detailed planning permission ready for you to start developing without those almost interminable delays and disruptions related to getting planning permission.

Town Planning Delays

When even major developers are finding that the average length of time taken to get planning permission is around 3 years, it’s easy to understand why smaller House Builders and Estate Developers wring their hands in despair at the thought of having to go through this process.

And if it’s bad for them, no wonder that most of the 20,000 or so individuals who undertake a new Self Build house project every year, find it harder and harder to deal with officials to get what they want.

Development Land Shortages

These delays have been caused by more and more planning ‘rules’, guidance notes, and general edicts coming from Central Government over the last 15 years or so.
And by making it harder to get permissions, they have also created a shortage of building land available for development.

The situation is now so bad that the larger firms are going for smaller sites, with a knock on effect right the way down to the person, or couple, who just want a small piece of ground on which to build themselves a ‘nice little house’.

This has encouraged land owners to hold out for their asking prices and, where they can, avoid paying agents to sell their land for them.
After all it is well known that larger builders and developers use paid or salaried ‘land scouts’ and ‘site finders’ to look for the land they must buy to keep their companies in business.

New Land Finding Service

The Benfield ATT Group’s new Land Finding Service is designed to create a more level playing field for Smaller House Building Companies and private Self Builders.

Drawing upon its Directors background in property development, investment and estate agency, it is teaming up with specialist firms of Surveyors, Valuers, Planners, and Land Finders around the UK to bring forward anything from a single plot, to land for housing schemes and blocks of flats that will be of interest to developers and even buy-to-let-investors.

This also encompasses Joint Venture Development arrangements

Finder’s Fee Rebates

As a full service Timber Frame Design & Build group, rebates of the finder’s fees payable by purchasers are available against professional services, like:-

  • Site & Ground Surveys
  • Energy & EIS Assessments
  • Structural Design & Engineering
  • Construction & Building Regulation Drawings
  • Project Management
  • Etc.

Further rebates are available against orders for Timber Frame Kits, Frame Erection,  and a menu of other works right up to Full Turnkey Build projects in various parts of the UK

Take A Look Now

… and discover how easy- and relatively painless -  it can be for you to Find Your Plot of land right now.

Land Sellers Welcome

Of course, if you have land for development, with or without building permissions, there is a reciprocal Land Sellers Service available for you to take advantage of as well.

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