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Home Builders Federation

HBF - Home Builders Federation

HBF Report

According to a report from the Home Builders Federation, Local Authorities who cancel housing development plans or reduce the number they build below local needs, will lose £27m per year.

This comes at a time when they have to cut budgets and the Nation’s housing crisis is deepening.

Do They Care?

But do they care? Will this make any difference to the way they respond to the Coalition Government’s Localism Agenda, which makes provision for this New Homes Bonus?

Despite HBF’s attempt to ‘big-up’ the figure, nationally this is really a paltry amount that, I suspect, will not persuade any Local Authority to upset it’s NIMBY contingent.

Housing Crisis

Although Central Government, HBF, LA’s and many others are agreed that Britain has a worsening housing crisis, with circa 70% of their voters being home owners, local Councillors can live with this, at least in the short term. After all, they can still point to the housing shortage being the fault of Central Government, not them.

For now, it is more important to appease those whose noses might be put out of joint by additional nearby development.

‘Reclaim’ Action

Going against this tendency, action to ‘Reclaim’ land and property that has lain idle, possibly derelict, by the Community, as provisioned for by the Government, may be welcomed by the electorate,

With some LA’s able to claim New Homes Bonus (NHB) of over £4m, those which have ‘reclaimable’ sites may encourage local community activists to link their efforts with those of the Council in a bid to solve two problems at one go.

From this perspective it could be worth looking over the NHB tables published last week by the Government.

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